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The moment we cross the threshold we are in the hall of somebody’s home, and that’s the moment we get our first impression of the place and its inhabitants. We get the feeling of hospitality and cosiness when the hall is clean and tidy, well lighted and spacious. On the contrary, we are not attracted by dark and narrow corridors with stale air.

A dusty and untidy entrance narrows and sometimes even blocks the access of energy flaws and consequently has a negative effect upon the inhabitants. Some of these effects might be poor memory and the feeling of depression.

If the door opens into a wall, one gets the feeling that all their life they bump into problems. A beautiful picture or a decorative element would create a focus for the eye and so takes the person inside the home. In case there is another door or a window opposite the entrance, keep the door closed and place flowers on the window sills. In this way Chi energy will reflect in them and direct itself to the rooms instead leaving the home through the tunnel generated by those two openings. We want to keep Chi, not to lose it before even getting into the home.

To be continued…

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