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Due to our customers’ greatest interest in children’s room, we have decided to write a few articles on the topic. That’s the first of them and it will summarize the basic techniques and consistency of the design of the kid’s corner. In the next article we will talk in more detail and give more examples. The team of Pentahron Ltd. hopes you’ll find this information useful.

The construction of the interior of the children’s room is a tricky task incorporating the knowledge of children’s wishes with the awareness of their needs. The interior of such a room can have positive impact on the development of the imagination and creativity of the child. A kid’s room should provide the necessary space where they can undisturbedly rest, play, study, read etc. There are several stages in the design of children’s room – space planning, furniture, decoration and displaying of child’s interests/

Fresh-Natural-Modern-Baby-Room-IdeasLet’s start with the most important step – space planning. It must comply with the child’s age and his/her various needs. The first task is finding the right room considering its size, natural lighting, shape and which direction it looks. Rooms for a baby, toddler or teenager have different structure therefore the chosen one should be able to change over time to meet the child’s needs and wishes. A second important step is planning functionality. We’ll discuss it in details in some of the next articles on the blog.

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Once you’ve planned the space comes the next stage – furnishing. When choosing furniture for the children’s room we should match it with the rest of the interior, not think of the room as a separate unit. We should also consider that this furniture ages and gets damaged quickly.

It’s very important for a child to have toys. However, to avoid chaos, which is every parent’s horror, it’s necessary to consider as much storage space for them as possible. If there is not enough space for kid’s stuff, toys just flood the entire living space which makes it every family member’s problem. In some of the next blog articles we’ll give you a few tips about organizing a children’s room so you have tidier space for study or play of the toddler or just some quality time alone of the teenager. Children’s rooms are the ones that need the most multifunctional type of furniture with innovative mechanisms, so you save space.


Third but not minor step is decorating the room. This is the stage that provides comfort and makes the room the kid’s own place that they love. There are a few basic steps to follow – selection of colors (walls, floor and furniture), selection of decorative items (lighting, textiles, trims etc.). It’s always a good idea to pick brighter colors for the children’s room: green, blue, yellow, purple etc. Wallpaper, paint, photo wallpaper, stickers, drawings and more are often used for decorating walls. The floor must be warm and it’s good to be covered with a carpet, wall-to-wall carpet, flooring etc. Each one of those material has its own pros and cons. Textile elements also affect the main look of the room. There are different types of textile in different thickness, colors and density for every taste. You should be a practical byer – the entire textile should be washable not losing its colors after washing and exposure to light. Curtains should be selected so as to let enough light in the room and provide enough shade if necessary, depending on which direction it looks.


Last but not least is suiting the room to the child’s hobbies and activities – painting, music, sports etc. It’s good to define spots for them. If there is no place in the room, at least somewhere in the home.Innovative-Rugsusa-method-Los-Angeles-Contemporary-Kids-Decoration-ideas-with-game-room-kids-media-music-play-room-teens-SF-Decorator-Showcase-2015-Twins-Music-Play-Room_JDK_2264-Edit_jpg_rend_hgtvcom_966_6447fff94034ade4d5ffc86c387aaabfa0e


More on the subject in our next article…

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