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What We Do


We create for the future.

Our mission is to find the optimal solutions to the problems that we face. In the best way we are capable of.

Your dreams provoke and inspire us. They motivate our creativity to use our professional qualities and turn them into reality. We functional spaces with style and emotion.

Your dream house or investment plan could become the optimal combination of functional solutions, aesthetic qualities, constructive and economic feasibility. We use comprehensive concepts and solutions to provide sustainable results.

Our work is related to the research and concepts in the field of architecture, urban planning, interior design, animation, visual and graphic arts. We produce both idea and architectural work projects. We perform consulting services in the field of interior design and visual arts.

PENTAHRON Ltd. also creates architectural renderings and animations, interactive visualizations, 3D modeling of objects for projects, short commercials, company and product logos, calendars, billboards and other graphical services.


Our Services

Interior Design

Your home, office or store have different zones which host different kinds of activities. We help you achieve the desired effect and comfort.

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We use comprehensive concepts and solutions to provide sustainable results.

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3D Visualizations and Graphic Design

To imagine is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. Therefore we provide photo-realistic 3D visualizations.

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Expert Help and Consultations

Our team offers assistance at every design stage of your home or workplace.

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  • Idea project

    The developed project is in accordance with the terms of the competition organized by Grundfos. The competition aimed to improve the functional zones, create a corresponding interior and achieve a higher quality of life.

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  • Clinic “St. Lazarus“ in Sofia, Bulgaria Interior Design

    Hospital “St. Lazarus” is part of the hospital group “Saint Lazarus” LTD.

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  • Interior in Sofia Apartment with Home Office

    The project is for reconstruction of an apartment, with the new addition of a small home office. This is a project for a young family that has to provide maximum quality of living and ensure comfortable working space.

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Our Process



Preliminary Research
Preliminary research

We will meet and you will tell us about your investment intensions then we will assemble the ideas which inspire us. Depending on the type and scope of the goal we will research the regulatory base, the respective environment, material limitations and space characteristics of the site. Inspired by the ideas, having defined the problems and aiming for the goal, we start work.

Idea Project


Idea project

At the stage of idea project we test and work out functional schemes, space solutions, entire style and sense and we’ll show examples and samples. We’ll play with different ideas which we will discuss with you to choose the best one. We will transform the chosen idea into a final project ready for your approval.


Technical Project
Technical project

At the phase of technical project we work out the chosen idea project in details. We cooperate with the respective experts (Construction , Water supply and sanitation, Power supply, Heating and ventilation, Landscape design, Geodesy, Fire prevention). The drafts are necessary to receive needed construction licences.

Executive Project


Executive project

At the phase of executive project, we add schemes of different types of activities and details about implemented materials, characteristics and requirements about them to the technical project.



We provide supervision and consultations at each stage of the construction.