Glass Brick House


Project info:

This project is a two-storey house with a studio. It consists of two modules merging into each other – living and working area. The first level is a common space which combines a living room, kitchen, dining and relaxation area. On this level there is also a bathroom and closet.  On the second level are three bedrooms and a study with a large roof terrace above the studio. The owners are an artistic family – a sculptor and a painter and the house should reflect their individuality.

As the building is located at the foot of a woody hill and is surrounded by a garden, we decided to invite nature inside by using large windows and glass brick walls that provide plenty of light and indoor comfort. Glass bricks are a very interesting material to use on facades because they allow the occupants some privacy and at the same time protect them from the strong sunlight in summer, without interfering with the illumination of the room and provide insulation in the winter.

The minimalist style of the interior is a good setting for all owners’ books, keepsakes and artwork. The walls and parts of the ceiling are made of visible concrete whose cool feeling we emphasized by white furniture and ceiling. To provide comfort and warmth to the interior we used warm, golden oak parquet floors and colorful bright accents such as red metal lampshades and colorful cushions.  The beautiful rainbow coloured rug brings up memories about the trips of the family to the Rhodopa Mountain.

There is no furniture along the concrete walls leaving them bare to hang pictures and photos of the family. But storage furniture is an essential part of interior. So we built it in where possible. Where it was not, we designed bookcases as wooden see-through boxes hanged on steel ropes, the greenery outside as background.

The stairs leading to the second level have wooden steps as if emerging from the parquet and continuing upward. They are supported by steel ropes which almost invisibly hold them and act as a barrier. Below is a wooden “barn” door with a modern design, which leads to the owners’ studio – the only door in the building with its own unique style, clearly emphasizing its purpose.

  • A combination of visible concrete and timber in the interior
  • Glass brick walls facing the garden
  • A bookcase of wooden shelves and see-through boxes, hanging on steel ropes
  • Minimalistic style
  • Sliding wooden “barn” door, on visible rollers
  • Colorful lightning and decorative accents
  • A light construction of the stairs leading to the second level as if floating
  • Client: private
  • Project: conceptual, preliminary design, detailed
  • Date: 2016