Art Shop in Sofia, Bulgaria


Project info:

This project is remodeling a grocery store into an art gallery and shop. For this purpose we had to push some walls down to get a unified space, where different zones are marked by lightweight frameworks and bearing structural elements – columns and beams and pulleys. The main showroom space is divided functionally, there are separate zones for the paintings, sculptures, other art objects.

A characteristic design element of the gallery is the vertical garden, which occupies the entire rear wall. It is constructed on a custom designed support frame and uses a specific irrigation system to support vegetation alive.

Another accent in the interior is a space frame made of veneered MDF with lights and adjustable shelves, which is used for displaying sculptures and other large works of art.

Spotlights are the main lighting in the gallery – to accentuate the exhibition elements and not the surroundings.

  • Unobtrusive colours and design elements – white, light flooring, a wall of living vegetation for background
  • Typical elements – frames for displaying pictures
  • Dynamic framework for sculptures, with built-in lights and adjustable shelves according to details
  • Directed light, focused on exhibited items
  • Furniture according to architectural design details
  • Separate functional areas
  • Client: Private
  • Project: Idea and Executive
  • Date: March, 2012