Interior Design Family House in Boyana, Sofia, Bulgaria


Project info:

This is a single family house on three levels. The first floor houses: entrance lobby, spacious living room, kitchen and a straight interior staircase. The parent’s room, with a separate closet and master bathroom, as well as the children’s room, are on the second floor. On the last floor there is a study, another children’s room with separate bathroom, as well as a laundry room. The functional redesign of the first floor includes: expansion of the kitchen, thus opening the space to the living room; arrangement of the seating and dining areas. On the second and third floor with minimal functional redesign a previous master bathroom became a closet and a bathroom on the third floor – laundry room.

The interior of the house is a combination between classic elements, modern colours and contemporary materials. The interior accents on many classic stucco decorations – moldings, friezes; decorative frames and arches; columns with bases and capitals and many more. The halls, the lobby and the stairs have white wooden paneling walls. The curtains are heavy and classic.

For the living room, the halls, the lobby and the stairs we used Laura Ashley’s colour pallete – truffle and pink colours. The child’s room is in lilac shades, with accents in white and pink. A lighting behind the canopy bed make the room cozy and exciting. The other kid’s bedroom is in turquoise colour with bold accents – a frame and seating furniture in cyclamen colour. The study is designed in tobacco brawn shades with classic dark furniture and golden accents. The parent’s room is in light blue and cherry red. The furniture is in classic dark shades.

  • Many classic stucco decorations – moldings, friezes; decorative frames and arches; columns with bases and capitals and many more
  • Classic furniture in white and dark polish
  • Dark heavy wooden furniture for the study and the parent’s room, and light white one for the living and children’s rooms.
  • White kitchen with massive wood furniture
  • Island between the living room and the kitchen
  • The openings between the spaces on the first floor are arch-like
  • White wooden paneling in the lobby, the halls and the stairs
  • Stained glass railing
  • Fiberboard niches for the TV, etc.
  • Using the space under the stairs for wine storage shelves
  • Laura Ashley’s lighting, colours and textures
  • Golden accents
  • Variation of colour schemes in the different rooms, according to the different residents’ needs and wishes
  • Granite flooring on the first floor with “carpet-like” figuring
  • Parquet flooring in all the other rooms.

Pictures before our intervention:

  • Investor: private person
  • Project phase: Technical and Executive project
  • Date: 10.2013