Apartment Interior in Simeonovo, Sofia


Project info:

This is an undersized private residence, which had to be reorganized to create more storage space. This effect was achieved with minimal interventions and without destroying any existing walls.

The desire of the investor was to receive a warm and fresh space with more comfort. All details are consistent with these requirements – the colour of the walls, plasters, textures, furniture, glass and wood surfaces.

The fridge and the washing machine were too much for the limited kitchen space, so instead they are placed in niches with mirror doors that face the living room and compliment the rest of the furniture.

  • Well-defined function zones in the living area
  • Decorative plaster in warm orange is used as an accent
  • The mirror on the sliding cabinet door creates a feeling of bigger a living and dining room
  • Niches for the refrigerator and washing machine with additional storage shelves
  • Custom design of the TV cabinet with built-in appliances
  • Graphic contrast using light walnut and wenge
  • Stained glass accents in the TV cabinet doors
  • Client: Private
  • Project: Idea and Executive
  • Date: November, 2011