Interior Design for a Caravan


Project info:

This is a project for a modern mobile home that provides both transportation and home comfort. The caravan gives the opportunity to rest even in places in nature where there is no infrastructure, electricity, water, etc. It combines characteristics that are typical for any home with additional camping and outdoor recreation features. Some of the design problems we had to solve:

How to utilize the space as compact as possible?

Multipurpose space-saving furniture

How to ensure the comfort of living?

As much as possible storage room – clothes, utensils, cups, food, cans, bottles, shoes, etc.

Ensure safe storage while driving

Suitable materials for the furniture and coverings

Trailer selected for the task is one of the most luxurious in the world- Tabbaret Paganini

Technical data:

Total length with technical room (the in front) – 775 cm

Total length with towbar – 875 cm

Length of living space – 665 cm

Width – 250 cm

Total height – 277 cm

Clear height – 224 cm

Total area – 16.56 m2

The interior space is designed to be occupied by a couple. We can look at the trailer like a small apartment, because it manages to incorporate all of the major functional zones required for a home.

  1. Day zone /includes a kitchen area, a living room, and a dining-room/ –  80 m2
  2. Night zone – 3 m2
  3. Sanitary premise and bathroom – 44 m2
  • The spaces can be combined
  • The furniture is structured in several modules – a kitchen unit (sink, storage furniture, stove, oven, refrigerator, etc.), a lounge module (sofa and table), a bedroom module (double bed and chest), and a bathroom unit (bathroom toilet). This allows different furniture combinations according to any specific needs
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Car system Safety locks / Push locks, doors and cabinets are prevented from opening during movement
  • For most of the furniture used a new – Solid surface – material, which is easily formatted in any shapes
  • Water is supplied by a reservoir with a capacity of 45l located in a room in front of the trailer
  • Dirty water is collected in a tank in the same room and is used for flushing the toilet
  • The toilet is connected to an incinerator
  • In the front room is a gas engine which is the main power provider – gas is supplied via pipeline F 10 mm passing in the walls and floor
  • Solar panels are installed on the roof to help to energy efficiency
  • Project: Concept Design
    Date: February, 2010